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Request a Catalog

Request your FREE Signature Supply product catalog today. This comprehensive catalog will save you time and money by providing ease of access to our thousands of in stock products. Please email the customer care team or call a representative at 317.543.000 today! A full product catalog will be mailed out to you immediately.

Green Resources

Signature Supply has taken a green initiative and is committed to supporting environmentally friendly business practices. Our green commitment ensures that you are receiving one of the most competitively and readily available energy efficient products in the industry. Not only do we offer a full line of green products, but we also take the green initiative in our everyday operations.

Energy Conservation and Products

Energy efficient practices and products are not only all of our responsibility, but can also reduce costs leading to higher efficiency within your business. Signature Supply is proud to offer a wide variety of energy efficient products from appliances to light bulbs. Energy efficient products are noted in the Signature Supply catalog and are a great alternative to traditional products.

Visit to view an invaluable amount of information on not only energy star rated products, but also appliance rebates, tax credits for energy efficiency, energy saving tips for home and business and much more!

Water Conservation

Monitoring and evaluating water usage is an important part of every business and each individual’s responsibility. As a country, we are now using more water per day than ever before. Signature Supply offers a variety of water conservation products in stock and these items can be found in the plumbing category. Examples of green efficient products include showerheads, fill valves, wax rings and much more! Do your part to ensure your business is operating efficiently while helping to preserve the environment.

Please visit the Environmental Protection Agency at for additional information on water conservation.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction and recycling are extremely important as almost everything we do leaves behind some kind of waste. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are key strategies to effectively managing waste materials. Signature Supply can help with your business’s waste reduction efforts by providing products manufactured with recycled content as well as efficient product packaging. Waste reduction leads to saved landfill space, conservation and money saved on your business’s bottom line.

Visit for additional information from the Environmental Protection Agency on how you can contribute to waste reduction.

Maintenance Checklist

Contact the Customer Support team at Signature Supply today to receive your complimentary maintenance turn checklist. This comprehensive guide will prove to be an invaluable tool to your maintenance team and lead to great efficiency in the maintenance turn process. With forms available in both English and Spanish your entire team can benefit from this tool.

Contact the customer care team for your downloadable form today at customersupport@signaturesupply.netor by calling 317.543.0000.